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Our company Best Offer Deals started out as Williams Authenticity. It was founded by local therapist, social worker and community member Jason R. Williams, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Jason set out doing his best to ensure the autistic (ASD) and intellectually disabled (ID) populations do not go without behavioral or therapeutic support especially If they lost medical insurance for any reason. Many people with ASD and ID need daily services and supports to function in our local communities.

Jason and his wife, Casey both work in the social services field. During this rewarding journey they worked with many people with ID and ASD, realizing the lack in/of needed services for this population in which fueled their passion to do and help in many more ways.

Jason's dream of being an Entrepreneur and his passion to do more was intensified when he observed how the current economy has put a hindrance on his friends in the community. He witnessed many people that could not afford clothing, home goods and even basic needs due to high retail prices. Through extensive research and networking, he found a niche to assist those in need in obtaining brand-new high quality items at affordable prices. From there, Williams' Authenticity has taken off. Not only has the proceeds been beneficial in maintaining behavioral or therapeutic supports for clientele but also in helping the community save money on needed products.

Williams’ Authenticity is committed to continuing to serve its community and especially those in need through their affordable products and other projects in the near future.

Helping our clients learn how to work and support themselves by teaching them new skills is also very rewarding in itself. Please do what you can to support Jason and his team at Best Offer Deals. We will continue to serve our communities with these great deals so stop on by and shop with us and support our mission in helping our own friends and families in need.

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