Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Tee Ball Bat: TB126

Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Tee Ball Bat: TB126

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  • -12.5 Length to Weight Ratio

  • For Use in Tee Ball Play Only

  • One-Piece Aluminum Design

  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • 7/8 Inch Standard Handle

  • Synthetic Grip

  • End Cap

  • Lightweight Design



Since 1884, Louisville Slugger has prided itself on producing high-quality baseball equipment for all ages and skill levels. They even take this dedication to excellence to the tee ball field. The Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha has been the go-to bat for millions of players for over a decade. In fact, the Omaha brand is THE best-selling baseball bat over the past ten years. Named after the site of the College World Series, it's only fitting that the TPX Omaha is back again this year, in tee ball form, to take the games of younger players to the highest level! The one-piece aluminum Omaha features a stunning new design that will undoubtedly boost confidence at the plate. The Omaha has a 7/8 inch standard handle that is wrapped with a synthetic leather grip to produce a comfortable swing and easier control. It is topped off on the other end by a vibration dampening end cap that stops the sting and creates more energy transfer to the ball on contact. Louisville Slugger: Turning Players Into Legends Since 1884! The TPX Omaha should only be used in tee ball play.


Bat Properties

Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Tee Ball Bat: TB126
Barrel Diameter 2 1/4"
Baseball Bats Tee Ball
Bat Type Baseball
Length to Weight Ratio -12.5
Material Aluminum
Price  $99.99
Manufacturer Louisville Slugger
    $49.99 Regular Price
    $22.50Sale Price