Whirling Waters Plastic Whirling Sprinkler on In-Series Telescoping Riser Base

SKU: 879640006112

The Ray Padula Whirling Waters spinning sprinkler is the same sprinkler that professional growers use around the world.  These sprinklers emit a drenching whirling stream of water that provides a unique, gentle, rain-like spray pattern.  This sprinkler covers up to a 40 ft. diameter making it great for watering smaller to medium size yards and gardens.  The telescoping riser base extends from 24 in. to 48 in. tall - great for clearing tall plants, shrubs, flowers, vegetable and other yard obstacles. The in-series spike base allows multiple sprinklers to be connected together and used at the same time, while making it easy to move your sprinkler around the yard. 


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